21° products

Discover supreme air quality

At 21° we create spaces with supreme air quality. Our innovative heat recovery ventilation units ensure top energy efficiency for your buildings, providing an indoor environment optimal for inhabitants health.

21° is a team of experts dedicated to creating accessible and efficient solutions for better indoor air quality. Our products are the result of successful research projects funded, among others, by NCBR.

Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Our heat recovery ventilation units contribute to achieving the EU 2028 energy class requirement, improving the building energy class and translating to savings for your business.

Healthy Air

Healthy Air

Ensure an optimal CO2 level in the room and enjoy clean air free from smog and pollutants.

Efficiency and Easy Installation

Efficiency and Easy Installation

Our products offer better performance and easier installation than competing solutions, without the need for heating and cooling units.

The key to healthy air

HETA Apartment Recuperator

Our flagship recuperator for small apartments and hotel rooms – uncompromising performance at an affordable price.

HETA Home Recuperator

An extremely efficient solution for single-family homes and larger apartments – healthy air without the high costs.

HETA School Recuperator

An optimal solution for schools – guaranteed air quality for the health and concentration of students.